Negatives from 2003

I found my film negatives today from 2003 from when I first started out photographing my girlfriends in Huntington Beach. I developed these myself and could spend hours in the dark room. These shots where taken at the Huntington Library in HB, my old stomping grounds. Oh how I miss being there with the perfect weather and warm sun. Good times and great friends. For me Huntington Beach will always be close to my heart it is where I moved when I was just 18 and didn't know a soul and a few years later at 25 started Boudoir Betty's which eventually I renamed Michelle Taylor portraits.

It's been quiet a journey but looking back at the beginning I see that it was always in me to be on this path and I'm so grateful that I have a job that brings me to such amazing women. I'm so excited everyday to meet and photograph women who have a different story and I get to show her just how amazing she is by showing her beauty back to her. 

My mission from the very beginning was for all women, all ages and sizes to realize their beauty!