I'm very passionate about showing women and teen girls that they are beautiful and good enough just the way they are right now through the experience of being photographed. I wish every woman and teen girl could see what I see when I look through the lens of my camera. I promise it will change how you see yourself.

That's why I'm starting this Project of Embrace your beauty.
I will be showcasing real women just like you and me; Moms, wives, sisters, friends... managers, artists, executives, professionals... Of all shapes and ages...If you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror then you're the woman I'm looking for! 

I want to show you the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself. Each woman will receive a in person wardrobe consultation and we will discuss your upcoming session, fully guided and directed “model for a day experience” photo shoot with me in my studio.




$149 for the hair & makeup artist fee

As a thank you for participating in the Embrace your beauty project, you will each receive a beautiful 8x10 edited print as a thank you for trusting me to show you how beautiful you really are.

This project will be made into a book for my studio to showcase that “Real Women” can look like they just stepped off a magazine cover.




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Each woman will receive an in person wardrobe consultation, fully guided and directed “model for a day experience” photo shoot with me in my studio.You will each be pampered getting your hair and makeup done by my professional makeup artist and you will be able to use my studio wardrobe.

This is a perfect opportunity to be photographed by yourself, with your daughter, mother or as a three generations. Three women that participate in this project will also have an opportunity to win a free copy of my Embrace you beauty book.

If you would like to apply, please comment below with the reason why you would like to participate or email me at info@michelletaylorportraits.com


I look forward to reading your stories and starting The Embrace your Beauty Project.






Mission: For all women, all ages and sizes to realize their true beauty is better than what you see in the magazines