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I have been lucky in my career to photograph some amazing women, and to show each one piece of herself that she has not seen before, or maybe lost along the way. As a woman, it is easy to put ourselves last on the list, but we need to make ourselves a priority and take time for ourselves. In each photoshoot I encourage you not only to reconnect with yourself but to embrace your beauty. Embrace it just as you are now; a strong, beautiful woman that should be celebrated.

I recently booked a photoshoot for myself with the very talented Sue Bryce.  I was hesitant to have the photos done since I have extra weight on me, and didn't feel confident in my skin.  I started telling myself all the excuses I hear from women who are afraid to have their photos taken. So, even though I still had all my insecurities, I decided I would do it and rock it just as I am now. 

The day of the shoot I was so thrilled to have some TLC for myself; no kid, no stress, just relaxation with a glass of champaign while having my hair and makeup done. That was worth a million dollars right there! From the moment she brought me on set, she directed and adjusted me into each pose.   

I gave her 100% control and trusted her vision and allowed myself to just enjoy myself and the experience to the fullest. I was nervous, and anxious, but also excited to see the person she captured.  One of the biggest things I learned that day was to love myself now. I may still have baby weight and not be in the shape I want, but I also will never be this age again. Now is the time to capture who I am.  I also thought about my son. I have treasured the gorgeous pictures of my mother and grandmother my entire life. I want to add to their legacy of beautiful, confident women so my son will know how important it is for all women, especially his future wife and possible daughters, to embrace their beauty. 

We all need people in our lives to inspire us and to help us remember that we are beautiful, we are strong, and our bodies are something to celebrate. I am very grateful to the lovely Sue Bryce for being that person in my journey, and I would love to be that person for you. 

                       PHOTOGRAPHER                 WIFE




"My best friends was diagnosed with a Stage 4 terminal brain tumor, I knew my time with her was now limited. After a year of surgery, radiation and chemo treatments, I also knew a day of pampering was long overdue for her. I remembered how beautiful I felt months prior when I surprised my husband with pictures from my own personal photo session. I reached out to Michelle, the owner of Boudoir Betty’s, about scheduling a makeup & photo session for my dear friend, an out of town friend and myself. The results of that special day surpassed all of our expectations and we now have permanent, physical memories of a great day celebrating our friendship. Michelle made the day very special. We walked into her studio with a personalized welcome sign to greet us. With music playing in the background, we enjoyed some great appetizers & beverages and began our hair and makeup sessions. We all enjoyed some individual & group photos complete with several outfit changes. The beautiful photos from that special day can be seen here. We cried as we watched this video together. Thank you Michelle for making this a day we will never forget and for pictures we will always cherish. " -Kay






Thank you SO much for such an amazing time/experience!!! You are an amazing photographer and makeup artist....I loved that I was able to get out of my normal comfort zone and feel confidant and amazing. You made everything so easy and comfortable for me. Thank you again so much, I cant wait to get my folio of my images. I'm definitely hooked and already want to come back for more. , I am now a believer that every woman should have this experience. -Becky Kershner 34






I have had pictures done by Michelle 4 times now! Every time has been a great experience. She makes sure your hair and makeup look camera ready but you still look like yourself.  She will make you feel 100% comfortable in her studio. I recommend this to every woman that wants to feel good about herself. My husband has loved all of the pictures she has taken and so will your significant other, 

-Whitney Shane 34







I have gone twice now because the images are beyond amazing and the attention and pampering that you receive are beyond your wildest dreams! I did not ever have the opportunity to do this as a younger gal and decided it was time to do something for myself. I am so glad I did as I have pictures to brighten my day and also for posterity. A lasting treasure that you can give as gifts to others and yourself!" Jill Smith






Where do I begin? How about with LIFE CHANGING, LIFE AFFIRMING, and SUPER POSITIVE FEEL GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! Seriously, I left Boudoir Betty's with a high like no other! Michelle, my fabulous hostess and photographer, made me feel so comfortable and amazing. She was the ultimate professional, yet so warm and inviting, that the combination instantly removed all inhibition and fear.  The photos were elegant, sexy, seductive, and classy all at the same time. I was wondering who that person was that I was looking at. Yet, it was me, in all my glory…taken to a level that I think only movie stars can truly understand. But if you're hesitant, like I was, I have to say one thing….DO IT…..EXPERIENCE IT. You, my dear, are worth it. We all are, after all.




I am a mother to 3 beautiful boys all ages 3 and under at home, and a husband who travels for work about 6 months out of the year. Just 4 days after having 3rd son I was hospitalized and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. It has been a rough road of recovery, but I’ve gained a new appreciation for life and what my body has experienced. I called Michelle to book my appointment because I was ready to feel good about myself and surprise my husband for our upcoming anniversary. Michelle instantly made me feel comfortable and excited for my shoot, however, once I hung up the phone I immediately started to chicken-out and wonder what the heck I was thinking!

I am so incredibly thankful that I followed through and had my photos taken. My experience couldn’t have been better. While doing my hair and make-up Michelle shared her professional knowledge of beauty and photography and I felt like I was chatting with an old friend. Her expertise really showed off as she helped me find the right outfit, and pose in a flattering way. I felt like a million bucks during and after the shoot. These pictures are more than a great gift for my husband. They mark the end of my road having children, and a fresh start after a serious medical issue. I felt beautiful, confident, and proud after all my body has been through.  Thank you Michelle!  -NoelleB